Greetings, this is where you can find out about trading music with me..

I collect and trade Techno Music of various types, although my primary interest is in
Psychedelic (or Goa) Trance.
If you think you have some music that I would like,
I am always open to consider other styles though - sometimes. B-)

* I only trade DAT tapes and sometimes CD-R's
* I do not trade Vinyl or Audio cassettes sorry.. - I like listening to music, not hiss and scratches.. B-)
* When making recordings for trading purposes,
please ensure you follow good practices for good quality recordings
If you would like some tips and guidelines, <click here> for the recording notes page.

I have all of my Psy-Trance cataloged in various different formats for you to browse..
it's a pretty big list, currently over

 1,500+ Tracks

Last Updated 1st April 1998

The most useful list in my opinion is the Microsoft Access (Win 95) database format. If you dont have Access, the next best is a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet, which most spreadsheet programs and quick-viewers can handle. The Access/Excel formats can be sorted anyway you like.. there are lots of different fields to browse by..

If you dont like that, then you can have the text version, but sorting & searching for things is harder..
There is a LEGEND which describes the various symbols you will find in the database.
Click the link to find them out.
The files are available compressed to save download time with ARJ version 2.50
The text version is available pre-sorted by Artist, or by Track Name.

Download Compressed (ARJ) Files

All Tracks in Access Format
All Tracks in Excel Format
All Tracks in Text Format - sort by Artist
All Tracks in Text Format - sort by Track

Or you can view the online text version sorted by Artist.
This is useful for quickly finding information on a track like what CD it is on etc.
. but it does not have the extra information described in the LEGEND page

If you want any of the other files in another form, contact me via E-mail.

Uncompressed Online Lists

For those who are only interested in the unreleased tracks, you can either download
the entire database and filter the entries using the remix field
(look for % signs),
or you can download the shorter text-only version of the unreleased tracks I have.

Online Text Version- All Tracks - All Tracks - sort by Artist
Online Text Version - Unreleased - Unreleased - sort by Artist

Please note that I believe strongly about not trading with tracks that I am asked not to distribute.
If a track is marked as unavailable in my database, I will NOT trade it with anyone.

If you want such a track, I will endeavour to put you in touch with the person who gave it to me if they consent to this. You can feel assured that if I receive unreleased material from you, it will not be distributed without your consent.

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